Relationships Really Matter

Relationships are the coin of your realm.  Learn how to Start, Build and Maintain more of them with your Target Homeowners; and you will enable yourself to achieve all of your income dreams.
So if getting 1st Calls, and the Referrals that lead to those 1st Calls are the two really big Marketing Tricks; then your big Marketing Question becomes, "How can you get those Referrals that lead to the 1st Calls?"
Well, the answer is easy; just start, build and maintain close Relationships with the people who will be giving the Referrals to the people making those crucial 1st Calls.
Now here's your Big Ah-HA.  If 95% of the people who get your marketing are annoyed by your "Old School" marketing, and have stopped paying attention to you; what kind of Marketing should you do to stay in close touch so you can get your Referrals and
1st Calls?
The answer is Relationship Marketing.  You've got to stay in close touch with Marketing Content that will ALWAYS be appreciated, and happily shared with others.

Relationship Marketing Matters
You know the Natural Relationship Process.  You've been working it all your life.
I know, you were hoping that in business some other easier, quicker Relationship Process would apply.  But, as you are finding out with your Marketing, there really isn't some other easier, quicker Relationship Process.
So here's the answer:  Make your marketing mirror the Natural Relationship Process you've been using all along.  You will see that ultimately it is the surest way to get the results you want.
Do Relationship Marketing
Compare two Real Estate Marketing Campaigns:
1. Mass, "Old School" Advertising, Specialties and Direct Mail:
  1. Content is generally: "Sell Now!", "Buy Now!", "I'm Terrific"; only 5% of the recipients might even pay any attention to this.
  2. Benefits to 95% of recipients, who are NOT Moving, are Non-Existant.  No Benefits means recipients STOP paying attention.  This is why "Old School" Marketing does so poorly.
  3. Costs are very high; so distributions are inconsistent, and infrequent
  4. Little to no Referral Facilitation
  5. Little to No Support for the Natural Relationship Process
2. Targeted, Automated Email⁄Web "Relationship Marketing":
  1. Content is about Enhancing Homeownership Experience; appropriate for the 95% who are NOT moving, and the 5% who are.
  2. Links to your Seller⁄Buyer content available on every page; for the 5% who ARE Moving
  3. Automation (and 95% savings over Direct Mail) allow Frequent, Targeted Marketing Distributions
  4. Email forwarding Facilitates Referral Generation
  5. Full Support for all Six Key Elements of the Natural Relationship Process
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