Get Smart
Get Smart means:
  1. Doing less of what doesn't work so well
  2. Doing more of what really works well
Easy enough; but you've got to really KNOW what doesn't work and what really works.  Fortunately, your National Association of Realtors has done the Surveys that prove the answers to those two questions.
It turns out that Relationships are truly the coin of your realm.  You'll want a lot more of them.  Fortunately, again, there is a clear, Natural Relationship Process you can follow to effectively Start, Build and Maintain as many Relationships as you want; so you can achieve your Desired Income.
Of course, you could Start, Build and Maintain Relationships with practically anyone; but you should be Smarter than that.  You should specifically Target the people who will be most productive for you; so Target Homeowners.
Now you must realize that Relationship Marketing is different from what you've been doing. Contacts are more Frequent.  Real and Significant Benefits are provided.  Planning and Systems must be Viable, Sustainable and Scalable; if you truly intend to Grow Your Business.
The really exciting news is that you can do high quality relationship Marketing for a mere fraction of the time, effort and money you've been spending on "Old School" Marketing.
So, go ahead.  Learn how to get much better at Real Estate Marketing; Now.
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