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How SCALABLE is your Real Estate business?  Are you ready and able to grow it to whatever size you truly want it to be?  Your answers to the next three Marketing questions will give you valuable insight to how Scalable your business actually is.
1. Is your Marketing producing enough Closings for your business to be Viable?  If you are not Viable, how long can you really afford to wait?
2. Is your Marketing producing enough Closings for your business to be Sustainable?   If you are not Sustainable, how much time do you have before you'll be forced to quit?
3. Can you afford to do all the Marketing that is necessary to Scale your business up to the size you truly want it to be?  If not, will you ever be truly happy about your business?
You must be Viable, Sustainable and Scalable both, to Survive and ultimately to Thrive.  As you've no doubt already suspected about Marketing, these NAR Surveys prove it:
  1. Specialties Fail,
  2. Publication Advertising Fails, and
  3. Direct Mail Fails
It's high time for you to Get Real; so you can know what you need to cut back on.
Happily, as you'll soon see the proof, it turns out that 1st Calls, Referrals and Relationships work extremely well.  Our Get Smart Section reveals how you can take huge advantage of these Marketing Realities.
It's time for you to stop using guesses, wishes and hopes as your Marketing Plan.  Our Free Planning Tools will empower you to quickly and easily make your most comprehensive and solid Marketing Plans ever.  These three, very powerful and insightful, tools are Absolutely Free; so be sure to get them.
Once you Get Real, Get Smart and make your best Marketing Plan you'll appreciate the tremendous advantages you can have with our Turnkey Team Support System.  We think you will agree that it is the quickest, surest way for you to do effective Marketing that is Viable, Sustainable, Scalable; and very affordable.
Your Turnkey Team Support System is the quickest, surest way for you to control massive Team Marketing Campaigns for far less than you currently spend. Your Turnkey Team Support System will finally empower you to build your Team and your Income to the size you truly want them to be.
We look forward to the opportunity to help you finally achieve your wildest Dreams.
Ray Cobel, CEO
Cobel Communications


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